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The branding process can help your business to create a unique name, story, strategy, and visual brand identity. At Atroxz Design, we offer a range of branding services. Besides, we are aware of the new trends and techniques.



Your website is often the first place a potential customer will interact with your business. Therefore, your website design needs to communicate what you’re all about, as well as work to turn your visitors into leads or customers.



Our digital marketing process will help you to define goals and objectives, measure success, and ultimately, create more leads or make more money online. We are able to provide several kind of banners, apparel designs and more.

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Brand Identity

Your brand identity is a visual system of branded elements that work together to identify your business. These elements form your brand guidelines, which can be used to help communicate your brand identity in the future.


Rebranding a company is an important decision. However, if there have been big changes, your company has outgrown it’s current brand, or there’s been a change in strategy or direction, then it’s time to rebrand.

Logo Design

Your logo design is the unique mark that people instantly associate with your business. Just like Nike’s tick, your logo design should be the most simple visual mark that can be used to identify your business.

Stationery Design

Your stationery design plays a key role in building brand consistency for your business. When you hand out your business card at an exhibition, it’s important they work to enhance your brand messaging.

Print Design

Print design, such as brochures, is a great way to communicate with your customers, while giving them something physical to keep. As a customer keeps your print or brochure, it needs to communicate your brand without you.

Apparel Design

Appearance has a lot of value for a business. Therefore it is important that the staff wear professional-looking clothing that characterizes the company. We are able to provide such designs for caps, t-shirts, hoodies and more.

Website Design

Your website is often the first place a potential customer will interact with your business. Therefore, your website design needs to communicate what you’re all about, as well as work to turn your visitors into leads or customers.

Brochures Websites

Brochure websites work to show your customers exactly what your business is about. Brochure websites are a simple website solution that pushes your business online, without any added complication.

Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce websites allow your customers to buy from your business whenever it’s convenient. It’s important that your ecommerce website sells, without creating friction or complications for your visitors.

Wordpress Websites

Wordpress is the world’s most popular website platform and powers over 15% of the world’s top websites. WordPress allows you to easily update your site, changing content, images, adding blog posts, and more.

Responsive Websites

With the growing popularity mobile and tablet browsing, it’s important that your website always looks good. Mobile responsive websites adapt to your device, giving your visitors the best website experience.

UX and UI Design

If you’re looking to build complex web app or software product, then you’ll want to consider in-depth user experience and interaction design. Without consideration, you run the risk of alienating or disappointing customers.

Content Strategy

Content plays a pivotal role in the success of any online business or website. It’s important to create an in-depth content strategy that works to attract the right type of website visitors.

Audits & Reporting

With any digital marketing project, it’s important to perform a full website audit. Then, you can review that data, in turn setting goals, objectives, and KPIs to measure going forward.

Social Media

The importance of social media cannot be over-stated, and you need to make sure you’re doing it right. Your messaging has to be consistent, look good, and have purpose.

Banner Designs

To gain more followers and website traffic banner designs can can play a vital role. With banners you can promote your brand, arouse interest and show your professionalism.

Content Creation

Once your content strategy is in place, the content itself needs to be created. People pay attention to well crafted content that tells a story, or helps them learn something new.

Content Strategy

Once your content is ready to go, it’s important that you market your content, or nobody will see it. Content marketing is used to distribute your content, and drive website traffic.

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For my Twitch.tv account I was in need of a full streaming package including a brand new logo, several banners and a stream overlay. The helped me out in an awesome way and always communicated well. Very pleased with the results.



We were delighted with our brand identity and the apparel/banner designs Atroxz Design created for our charity event. Good communication and quick adjustments were never too much trouble. Highly recommended.

Bumperball Toernooi


The identity and website Atroxz Design built for us has helped to grow our business/forum and take it to the next level.

Hannes Verbrugghe


It has been a great pleasure developing our business together with such a distinguished expert.